This site is dedicated to my plush animal collection

On this website I'd like to present you my personal plush animal collection (this is not a shop!).

All photos have been taken by myself. It's quite challenging to find beautiful plushies, but over the years (since 1994) I've hoard up a real nice collection together with my husband, which is very precious to us. I am not buying any species, but only concentrating on certain ones, mainly wolves, foxes, snow leopards, clouded leopards and opossums.

The more I would like to give you some tips and information on this website about where to get plush animals, info about the different brands, interesting links to websites / shops, etc.

Some people may say - "Plush toys? That's kid's stuff!" - but that's not true. Many plush animals are really rare and expensive and real collector's items.

Hope you enjoy my little gallery! :)