Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you sell (your) plush animals?
No, this is not a shop, but only my private collection I wanna share. However, if I sometimes decide to sell a plush animal, I will list it in the "For Sale" section. Other plush animals on this website are not for sale.

Q: How many plush animals do you have?
I haven't counted them all. Together with my husband, I guess about 500.

Q: Where did you get (certain plushie) from?
There is a column "Bought where" (place of purchase) in each gallery. If I know / remember where I got it from, I will list it there. If there is no info, I am sorry I don't know it (any more).

Q: Where can I get (certain plushie) in USA (or other countries)?
As I am living in Germany I only know a few local stores in USA (or even less in other countries). I can only tell you where I got the plushies listed on this website (see 'Bought where' column) and give you some general tips where to buy plush animals. I also recommend trying ebay or Amazon. The more, I found a lot of nice plush animals in the dealers dens of conventions.

Q: Why don't you have any (certain species)?
I am not collecting any species / plush animals. I am only concentrating on certain species, like snow leopards (some other big cats, too), clouded leopards, wolves, foxes, opossums, etc. That does not mean that I don't buy other species once in a while, but I am not buying any plush animal I find.

Q: Do you have a sewing pattern? (for making a plushie yourself)
No, I am sorry I do not have a pattern. I recommend browsing galleries like DeviantART, as there are a lot of skilled artists who made plushies. Maybe you could ask them for tips or even a commission. Otherwise you could also try a local store for sewing supplies, as they sometimes also have patterns for sale.

Q: Can you give me general tips on making a plushie?
  • Try to get a pattern (shops, books, websites, other artists)
  • If you don't get a pattern, try unpicking an existing plush
  • Try to make the plush first with cheap clothes (later with good fake fur)
  • Don't use too complicated designs/characters for the first try
  • There is special cotton wool for stuffing plush toys
  • Also think about maybe using foam for the inside of the head
  • Airbrushing - pick good colors if you use it (e.g. Schmincke Aerocolor)
  • You can order noses, glas eyes, etc. from online shops
  • Don't be sad if it doesn't work perfectly for the first time - it surely needs a lot of practise. :)

Q: Do you do plushie commissions?
No, I don't and never will, sorry. I neither have the time, nor enough experience for professionally offering plush commissions.

Q: Where can I buy Lion King plushies?
The newer ones will probably be available in Disney Stores, stores near Disney parcs, stores like Walmart, etc. If you're looking for the older ones, the best recource is trying (for Germany: Check the search results regularly - you just may have to wait until you're lucky (don't give up after the first searches). You may also try keeping an eye on flea markets or garage sales.

Q: How do you care for your plushies?
Some general tips:
  • Do not leave your plushies in the sun (like in your car) - the fur may bleach/fade/turn purple
  • Keep your plushies away from smoke, kitchen, etc.
  • Only clean the surface of your plushies (mild soap or just warm water).
    Only wash your plushie completely if you really have to (by hand).
  • If you have to (completely) wash a plushie - don't use a washing machine. There are several risks like the glass eyes getting scratched or the filling might get "lumped" into one corner. Wash by hand only.
  • If you wash them - make sure you use very mild shampoo, and very important - make sure it dries completely again, also from the inside (not only the surface)
  • There are special shampoos for plush toys (e.g. F.A.O. Schwartz once offered them)
  • Using a fan for drying fur is OK, but make sure the inside will dry properly as well (might take several days), on a heater for example. But be careful with heaters - it mustn't be too hot! Don't leave it alone.
  • When drying a plush by hair blower, carefully keep on brushing the fur while drying. This will help drying and make the fur soft again (don't be too rude or do that too often, otherwise you'll soon have a naked plushie)
  • If you wash a plush animal, make sure first if it's not airbrushed. If it is, carefully try washing a little part first to make sure it doesn't come off / blur / ruin the rest of the fur.