My Plush Animal Collection - Folkmanis
Here are all plush animals from my collection by the brand Folkmanis.

 Photo Description Species Brand Bought

Folkmanis snow leopard (retired) - number 3 (I have 4 of them): cool Alex - Mika's father (I love him!)Snow LeopardFolkmanisGift
Folkmanis Cheetah handpuppet / plushieCheetahFolkmanisebay
Folkmanis leopard with long funny paws (hand puppet).LeopardFolkmanisebay
Folkmanis snow leopard (retired) - number 2 (I have 4 of them): Mika's brother Zotius.Snow LeopardFolkmanisebay
Folkmanis snow leopard (retired) - number 4 (I have 4 of them): Mika's mother (cute short nose)Snow LeopardFolkmanisebay
Beautiful snow leopard puppet and famous Pawpet show star ;)Snow LeopardFolkmanisToy Store
Mini Folkmanis finger puppet - Timber Wolf, from Puppets on the Peer in SFOWolfFolkmanisPuppets on the Peer
A grey Timber Wolf hand puppet by FolkmanisWolfFolkmanisPuppets on the Peer
Pretty cool guy - Folkmanis big grey wolf hand puppet (with teeth)WolfFolkmanisebay
The Folkmanis coyote hand puppetCoyoteFolkmanisToy Store
New pretty (but tight for playing) Folkmanis Greyfox / hand puppet (2007/2008)Grey FoxFolkmanisPuppets on the Peer
New small red fox by Folkmanis (2007/2008) from San FranciscoRed FoxFolkmanisPuppets on the Peer
New deer hand puppet by Folkmanis.DeerFolkmanisPuppets on the Peer
Folkmanis Possum puppets - Mom with (removable) babyOpossumFolkmanisebay
Mini Folkmanis finger puppet - PossumOpossumFolkmanisPuppets on the Peer
Big (meanwhile retired) German Shepherd hand puppet by Folkmanis.German ShepherdFolkmanisebay
My only lynx plushie ;) Folkmanis hand puppetLynxFolkmanisebay
Lioness cub from Folkmanis (hand puppet)LionFolkmanisebay
The mountain lion hand puppet from Folkmanis - very soft and long pawsCougarFolkmanisebay
Hand puppet Grey Wolf with teeth by FolkmanisWolfFolkmanisPuppets on the Peer