My Plush Animal Collection - White Foxes

 Photo Description Brand Bought where

Polar Foxes / Arctic Foxes

White sitting fox plush by Plueti, bought at the Eurofurence dealers denPlütiDealers Den
Very sad looking polar fox from a zoo shop in the USAThe Petting ZooZoo Shop
Sitting fluffy fat polar foxy (Cuddlekins) by Wild RepublicWild RepublicGift
Very pretty sitting white fox by Hansa (wire legs), birthday gift I got 2011HansaGift
The Guardian Angel of my previous cat: A quite big standing polar fox from Steiff.SteiffKarstadt
And the white polar fox belonging to the grey one, ordered at Anna Club Plush.WWF / Anna ClubAnna Club Plush
My cutest grey fluffy polar fox, ordered at Anna Club Plush.WWF / Anna ClubAnna Club Plush
Little white WWF fox cub from a toy store in Vienna. Now the family is complete.WWF / Anna ClubZoo Shop
Awesome white fluffy fox by Hansa Toys, found at the Dealer's Den at Further Confusion 2007HansaDealers Den


Sitting Fennec foxy bought at the dealers den at AC 2013SigikidDealers Den
Wiewowas - the skinny and slightly out of it desert fox (he got cast aside by the members of his skulk because his ears were too small) by Sigikid Beast TownSigikidToy Store Bochum
Almost white sitting fennec, with yellow airbrushFiestaDealers Den
Two fennecs (they're the same) by Dowman, with fluffy, different colored tailDowman Soft TouchGift
Pretty sitting Uni Toys fennec from the Christmas Market booth in EssenUni ToysChristmas Market
Tiny soft fennec by Uni ToysUni ToysChristmas Market
Signature by Aurora sitting FennecAuroraDealers Den
Fenny - the curled up fennec fox by SteiffSteiffGift

Silver Foxes

Grey Foxes

Little grey fox cub from Essen (Christmas Market) 2012Uni ToysChristmas Market
New pretty (but tight for playing) Folkmanis Greyfox / hand puppet (2007/2008)FolkmanisPuppets on the Peer

Kit Foxes

Nice kitfox plush we got at the visitor center of Death Valley.K&M InternationalVisitor Center
Brown fox (I guess it's supposed to be a kit fox) with large ears and nice black markingsAuroraZoo Shop

Island Foxes

California Channel Island Fox, special plush for Santa Barbara Zoo Conservation programWildlife ArtistsZoo Shop