My Plush Animal Collection - Hansa
Here are all plush animals from my collection by the brand Hansa.

 Photo Description Species Brand Bought

The lying Hansa cheetah (there are 3 plushes of this kind), from The Tiger Store in MunichCheetahHansaStore
And the sitting one (there is also a standing version), from The Tiger Store in MunichCheetahHansaStore
Sleeping leopard baby, special Hansa edition from F.A.O. SchwarzLeopardHansaF.A.O. Schwarz
Hansa sleeping cub - with open eyes (there is also one with closed eyes), from FC Dealers Den.Snow LeopardHansaDealers Den
Awesome fluffy big sitting snow leopard. Got it at the Dealers Den (Further Confusion).Snow LeopardHansaDealers Den
Family portrait again... :) The sleeping cubs (I bought 2, they're the same), and the sitting fluffSnow LeopardHansaDealers Den
Walking Hansa snow leopard - studio edition (wire in legs). Found at ebay.Snow LeopardHansaebay
New version of the snow leopard cub from Hansa, from Dealers Den at a conSnow LeopardHansaDealers Den
The biggest, most realistic beautiful snow leopard I've ever seen - by HansaSnow LeopardHansaebay
Details: Leather footpads. The snow leopard is about 80cm long (without tail). Price was about 200 EUR.Snow LeopardHansaebay
Small Hansa cub number 1Snow LeopardHansaDealers Den
Small Hansa cub number 2Snow LeopardHansaDealers Den
Awesome white fluffy fox by Hansa Toys, found at the Dealer's Den at Further Confusion 2007Polar FoxHansaDealers Den
Hansa opossum hand puppet from AustraliaOpossumHansaZoo Shop
Very pretty sitting white fox by Hansa (wire legs), birthday gift I got 2011Polar FoxHansaGift