My Plush Animal Collection - Huskies

 Photo Description Brand Bought where

White Husky plush named "Lumi" from a toy store in the Netherlands (name on paw)Dowman Soft TouchHolland
Very large and fluffy husky from Galeria KaufhofBob der BärGaleria Kaufhof
Looking like his big husky brother Henkel, but from a different brandTeddy HerrmannToy Store
Big husky from the Christmas Market, with harness (that's why we called him "Henkel")Uni ToysChristmas Market
Awesome and unique husky - big sleeping husky, from toy store in MunichLa PelucherieObletter Munich
Large fluffy husky dog I got from a toy store (ca. 70cm long including tail)unknownKarstadt
Little soft husky I found at Galeria Kaufhof (Germany)Bob der BärGaleria Kaufhof
Little Husky from Toys'R'Us in USAAnimal AlleyToys'R'Us
Beautiful husky plush by WWF / Anna Club Plush (ebay).WWF / Anna Clubebay