My Plush Animal Collection - Kuschelwuschel, E & J Classic, Bob der Bär, etc.
Here are all plush animals from my collection by the local brands that are available at shopping centers in Germany like Karstadt, Galeria Kaufhof, etc.

 Photo Description Species Brand Bought

Little soft husky I found at Galeria Kaufhof (Germany)HuskyBob der BärGaleria Kaufhof
Very large and fluffy husky from Galeria KaufhofHuskyBob der BärGaleria Kaufhof
Same plush like Sesharim (from Karstadt). Cute big cheetah with cub (60cm big)CheetahE & J ClassicKarstadt
Pretty leopard mother with cub. Bought her at Karstadt in 2002.LeopardE & J ClassicKarstadt
Sitting leopard also from Karstadt shopping center. He's a little smaller than the mother with her cub.LeopardE & J ClassicKarstadt
Big huggable leopard (about 60cm long without tail), from KaufhofLeopardE & J ClassicKaufhof
White tiger Mom with her cub (same as the leopard mother). Very cute, interesting shading (stripes).White TigerE & J ClassicKarstadt
Probably more a jaguar than a leopard. His name is Sorrow, a plushie with a background story.LeopardKuschel-wuschelKarstadt
Little leopard cubLeopardKuschel-wuschelKarstadt
Little sitting panther cubPantherKuschel-wuschelKarstadt
White lying tiger from KarstadtWhite TigerKuschel-wuschelKarstadt
Lying white tiger cubWhite TigerKuschel-wuschelKarstadt
Lioness cub from Karstadt, was available in 2004LionKuschel-wuschelKarstadt
Little sitting fox from Karstadt (local brand)Red FoxKuschel-wuschelKarstadt
White cross-eyed opossum, based on Heidi, the cross-eyed possumOpossumKuschel-wuschelKarstadt