My Plush Animal Collection - Leosco & Co.
Leosco is the main producer of several plush series/brands (also mentioned on the tag): S.O.S., UNI Toys, CIOM Toys, Irgel Zimmermann. Dowman Soft Touch also sells plushies created and imported by Leosco.

The plush animals of these brands look exactly the same, same high quality, same fur and poses.

 Photo Description Species Brand Bought

Little sleeping cheetah cub with black noseCheetahCIOM Toys
Little cheetah cub with pink noseCheetahCIOM Toys
So soft and cute little snow leopard cub (could also be a leopard)Snow LeopardCIOM ToysZoo Shop
Lying panther from (a similar one exists by Irgel Zimmermann and WWF)PantherCIOM ToysZoo Shop
Sleeping soft tigress named after a special drinkTigerCIOM Toysebay
Soft light brown lion cub (bought in Munich zoo shop)LionCIOM ToysZoo Shop
A little cougar/lioness. I got her at the Oktoberfest 2002.CougarCIOM ToysOktoberfest
Sleeping cub, made by Dowman Soft Touch (got it at Harrods in UK, London)Snow LeopardDowman Soft TouchHarrods
Sitting cub, from the Dowman Soft Touch seriesSnow LeopardDowman Soft TouchToy Store
The smallest version of the lying Dowman plushesSnow LeopardDowman Soft TouchToy Store
White Husky plush named "Lumi" from a toy store in the Netherlands (name on paw)HuskyDowman Soft TouchHolland
Two fennecs (they're the same) by Dowman, with fluffy, different colored tailFennecDowman Soft TouchGift
Elegant and softly cute cheetah, from Munich zoo shopCheetahIrgel ZimmermannZoo Shop
Elegant and cute black panthressPantherIrgel Zimmermann Zoo Shop
Little panther cubPantherIrgel Zimmermann Zoo Shop
And a little family portraitPantherIrgel Zimmermann Zoo Shop
One of the most beautiful plushies I've ever seen, from Munich zoo shop HellabrunnSnow LeopardLeoscoZoo Shop
Little wolf cub from Leosco, I got him at a booth at the Christmas market Essen.WolfLeoscoChristmas Market
Lying realistic wolf by Uni-Toys (Leosco Collection)WolfLeoscoChristmas Market
Leosco red fox (medium size) I found at an ARAL gas station shop.Red FoxLeoscoGas Station
Beautiful slim fox, also from the Christmas market in EssenRed FoxLeoscoChristmas Market
Beautiful big serval by Leosco (found at a local toy store and xmas market).ServalLeoscoChristmas Market
Awesome white lioness (36") "from Leosco (rare to find). I ordered her from LionLeoscoAmazon
The biggest version of the beautiful S.O.S. snow leopards. Got it at a German gas station shop.Snow LeopardS.O.S.Gas Station
African wild dog pup. I got it from the Octoberfest in Munich.African Wild DogS.O.S.Oktoberfest
Wonderful soft and beautiful lioness - from Christmas market booth.LionS.O.S.Christmas Market
Little Cheetah cub from the (now closed) Endgangered Species Store in USACheetahS.O.S.Endangered Species Store
Cute cub I found at the Endangered Species Store in USA. Brand is S.O.S.Snow LeopardS.O.S.Endangered Species Store
White lion cub from S.O.S. (cub of the large white lioness)White LionS.O.S.Amazon
Little guy I found at an ARAL store in 2007 (Uni Toys, by Leosco), sold by Krentscher GroƟhandelSnow LeopardUni ToysGas Station
Another lying foxy from Uni Toys (Leosco)Red FoxUni ToysChristmas Market
Medium lying ocelot from a Christmas Market booth in EssenOcelotUni ToysChristmas Market
Big husky from the Christmas Market, with harness (that's why we called him "Henkel")HuskyUni ToysChristmas Market
Bush Baby with velcro paws by Uni ToysBush BabyUni ToysChristmas Market
Little cute opossum from Uni Toys, bought at the Christmas Market EssenOpossumUni ToysChristmas Market
Tiny soft fennec by Uni ToysFennecUni ToysChristmas Market
Pretty sitting Uni Toys fennec from the Christmas Market booth in EssenFennecUni ToysChristmas Market
Medium sized, very pretty leopard by Uni Toys (from Christmas Market booth), 2011LeopardUni ToysChristmas Market
Little grey fox cub from Essen (Christmas Market) 2012Grey FoxUni ToysChristmas Market