My Plush Animal Collection - Lion

 Photo Description Brand Bought where

White Lions

White lion cub from S.O.S. (cub of the large white lioness)S.O.S.Amazon
White lion (same brand as the white lioness), from the Stukenbrock Safari Park in GermanySembo ToysSafari Park
White lioness with cub, from the Stukenbrock Safari Park in GermanySEMOSafari Park
Very nice huge white lion (1m long without tail).Morgenroth Toys GmbHebay
Two cute white lion cubs playing with each other. I got them from the Siegfried + Roy store at the Mirage (Las Vegas)FiestaMirage
White sitting male lion, got him from ebay.unknownebay
Awesome white lioness (36") "from Leosco (rare to find). I ordered her from


And of course - beanies, here are two of themunknownebay
Lioness cub from Folkmanis (hand puppet)Folkmanisebay
Funny lion father with cubOstoysGift
Lioness cub from Karstadt, was available in 2004Kuschel-wuschelKarstadt
Cream coloured lionessunknownToy Store
Steiff lioness, original name is Molly (but I named her Vitani)SteiffToy Store
Sitting golden lioness from PluetiPlütiebay
Soft light brown lion cub (bought in Munich zoo shop)CIOM ToysZoo Shop
Fluffy big lion, from ebayWWF / Anna Clubebay
Greyish brown Lioness with cub, bought at Obletter toy shop in MunichAuroraObletter Munich
Very blond lion from ebay (without any tag)unknownebay
Lioness Mom with cubs (in her belly), from a local shoe store (Deichmann)unknownStore
A soft nice colored lioness cub, got her from ebayAux Nationsebay
Male lion I gave away as a gift. He was from a local toy store in LoreleyunknownToy Store
Moro's 2nd lion cub, very small (smallest, size 1 of 3)WWF / Anna ClubAnna Club Plush
Moro's lioness cub (biggest, size 3 of 3)WWF / Anna ClubAnna Club Plush
Super soft lying lioness size I (big version)WWF / Anna ClubZoo Shop
Very big realistic lioness from WWF (about 1m long)WWF / Anna ClubAnna Club Plush
Wonderful soft and beautiful lioness - from Christmas market booth.S.O.S.Christmas Market