My Plush Animal Collection - Mattel
Here are all plush animals from my collection by Mattel.

 Photo Description Species Brand Bought

And the original Star Beans from The Angry Beavers (Nickelodeon). Cute little guys ;)BeaverMattelebay
Young Simba talkingLionMattelToy Store
Baby Simba, just fluffyLionMattelebay
Convertable Simba - adult or young, with or without mane (hoddy)LionMattelebay
Purring Simba - squeeze him and he purrsLionMattelebay
Huge lying Simba 36''LionMattelebay
Little beanie I found at ObletterLionMattelObletter Munich
Adult Simba, roaringLionMattelebay
Adult Simba, similar to the magnetic noses. I got this one with the brown and the pink nose (2 versions).LionMattelebay
Old / First version of the Kissing Simba and Nala (magnetic noses)LionMattelToy Store
Purring Nala - squeeze her and she softly purrsLionMattelebay
Love licking Nala with KiaraLionMattelToy Store
Mufasa and Simba (Simba squeaks)LionMattelToy Store
Huggable KiaraLionMattelebay
Purring Kiara (battery)LionMattelToy Store
Kissing Kovu and KiaraLionMattelToy Store
Huggable KovuLionMattelebay
Purring Kovu (battery), this was my first Kovu plushie and kinda started my TLK collectionLionMattelToy Store
Beanies: Kiara, Kovu, Nuka and VitaniLionMattelebay
Little finger puppets (Nala is missing)LionMattelToy Store
The only existing Vitani "plushie" (unfortunately it's only a beanie)LionMattelToy Store