My Plush Animal Collection - Opossums

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Virginia Opossums

Folkmanis Possum puppets - Mom with (removable) babyFolkmanisebay
Mini Folkmanis finger puppet - PossumFolkmanisPuppets on the Peer
Big pretty opossum by Fiesta from a zoo shop in the USAFiestaZoo Shop
Hansa opossum hand puppet from AustraliaHansaZoo Shop
Little cute opossum from Uni Toys, bought at the Christmas Market EssenUni ToysChristmas Market
Little fat opossum with a tiny curly tailDouglas Cuddle ToysZoo Shop
Medium sized opossum, and it's getting bald!PakdesignZoo Shop
Sitting fat opossum (Cuddlekins)K&M InternationalZoo Shop
White cross-eyed opossum, based on Heidi, the cross-eyed possumKuschel-wuschelKarstadt
Perlsacktier Opossum father (they come in random colors)PerlsacktiereChristmas Market

Brushtail Opossums

Brushtail opossum from an Australian zoo shopBocchettaZoo Shop