My Plush Animal Collection - Tigers

 Photo Description Brand Bought where

White Tigers

Lying white tiger cubKuschel-wuschelKarstadt
Soft little white tiger by Kuschelwuschel, design by Aurora ClassicsAurora ClassicsKarstadt
White lying tiger from KarstadtKuschel-wuschelKarstadt
White tiger Mom with her cub (same as the leopard mother). Very cute, interesting shading (stripes).E & J ClassicKarstadt
White tiger I got November 2007 as birthday gift - with "follow me eyes" (Blickfänger = eye-catcher)BauerKarstadt

Brown Tigers

Tabby Tiger Mum with baby from a German gas station shopMel-O-DesginGas Station
Similar look as Sapur, but smaller versionunknownGas Station
Large tiger from a store in Munich I owned once, I donated him for charityunknownStore
Sleeping soft tigress named after a special drinkCIOM Toysebay
A tiger mother with her two cubsAlthans AGebay
Christmas present from my Mum - Radjah, the tigerSteiffGift