My Plush Animal Collection - Various brands
Here are all plush animals from my collection by various brands not listed in the other sections.

 Photo Description Species Brand Bought

Floppy bix lying fox with a grumpy face, bought at the dealers den at AC 2013Red FoxDealers Den AC
Little hand puppet foxy we got as a giftRed FoxGift
A tiger mother with her two cubsTigerAlthans AGebay
Cute collie pup, barking when you pull his flying disk (from FC Dealer's Den)CollieAnimal PlanetDealers Den
Little sitting cheetah cub from BauerCheetahBauerKaufhof
Small Bauer fox plushie from Obletter toy store in MunichRed FoxBauerObletter Munich
White tiger I got November 2007 as birthday gift - with "follow me eyes" (Blickfänger = eye-catcher)White TigerBauerKarstadt
"Blickfänger" (eye-catcher / follow me eyes) wolf cub by Bauer, with cute brown noseWolfBauerKarstadt
Big lying Dingo plush from Dingo Discovery Center in AustraliaDingoBocchettaDingo Discover Center
Brushtail opossum from an Australian zoo shopBrushtail OpossumBocchettaZoo Shop
The lying version of the two foxes (bought in 2000) from Woolworth (Germany).Red FoxCarl Dick GmbHWoolworth
Cute sitting foxy, from a shopping store.Red FoxCarl Dick GmbHWoolworth
The famous Simon's Cat, it goes "mrrrp?" and "meoow" when you press his pawCatCarte BlancheGift
Nice hand puppet wolf by Cascade Toys (afaik they do not produce this plush any more)WolfCascade Toysebay
Cute grey coon I found at Walmart in USA for $4,99.RaccoonDanDeeWalmart
Small standing dingo we got at the Dingo Discovery Center in Australia 2011DingoElkaDingo Discover Center
"Willamina Wolf" of the Ranger Gus Forest Friends series. She's talking: "Think only good thoughts".WolfForest Friendsebay
"Fabian Fox" of the Ranger Gus Forest Friends series. He's talking: "Would you like a Cafe Au Lait?"Red FoxForest Friendsebay
Rare (tiny) "FurReal Friends" animated snow leopard cub by HasbroSnow LeopardHasbroToy Store
Looks kinky, but it's just another hot-water bottle SimbaLionHoneykids (UK)ebay
Cute ferret from IKEA. Unfortunately IKEA changes their toys often, so if they're sold out, they're sold out.FerretIKEAIKEA
My smallest plushies (or better beanies): Kovu and KiaraLionJemini Toysebay
Big and beautiful Kovu cub from ParisLionJemini ToysParis
A washable, asthma friendly snow leopard plush, from a toy shop in San FranciscoSnow LeopardKIDS PreferredToy Store
The legendary half wolf - BaltoWolfMCA / Universal Merebay
Tabby Tiger Mum with baby from a German gas station shopTigerMel-O-DesginGas Station
Very nice huge white lion (1m long without tail).White LionMorgenroth Toys GmbHebay
Big German Shepherd Mum with baby from the Oktoberfest MunichGerman ShepherdMorgenroth Toys GmbHOktoberfest
Also from - another Norbert plush, smaller.BeaverNancoebay
Quite big leopardess with a nice loooong tail, from a local toy storeLeopardOstoysToy Store
A big fat foxy, made by Ostoys. From toy store Obletter in Munich.Red FoxOstoysObletter Munich
Funny lion father with cubLionOstoysGift
Medium sized opossum, and it's getting bald!OpossumPakdesignZoo Shop
Some more snow leopards without brand or name. Got it from ebay.Snow LeopardPan ToysWalmart
Bean Bag ferret (Perlsacktiere) I bought at the Christmas market in EssenFerretPerlsacktiereChristmas Market
Perlsacktier Opossum father (they come in random colors)OpossumPerlsacktiereChristmas Market
Small lying and ruffy looking wolf (or fox?) by Wild RepublicWolfRainforrest CaféRainforrest Café
Snow Leopard "Arctic Cool" from Russ Berrie (from local office store). With nice grey paw pads. :)Snow LeopardRuss BerrieStore
Little frottee fox from a camping store in USARed FoxRuss BerrieStore
White lion (same brand as the white lioness), from the Stukenbrock Safari Park in GermanyWhite LionSembo ToysSafari Park
White lioness with cub, from the Stukenbrock Safari Park in GermanyWhite LionSEMOSafari Park
Fox Trot - the derpy dancing fox by Sigikid Beast TownRed FoxSigikidToy Store Bochum
Wiewowas - the skinny and slightly out of it desert fox (he got cast aside by the members of his skulk because his ears were too small) by Sigikid Beast TownFennecSigikidToy Store Bochum
Sitting Fennec foxy bought at the dealers den at AC 2013FennecSigikidDealers Den
Little sad looking panther cubPantherSimba ToysToy Store
Little (already old) snow leopard from Sunkid (from a gas station shop)Snow LeopardSunkidGas Station
Looking like his big husky brother Henkel, but from a different brandHuskyTeddy HerrmannToy Store
Funny alarm clock: plushie Kiara and Timon, and they're talking to each otherLionThinkway Toysebay
Awesome detailed snow leopard from T€DI discount market (local store).Snow LeopardTrendy ToysT€DI
And together with his friend, as I could not leave one alone in the store (from T€DI discount market).Snow LeopardTrendy ToysT€DI
Leopard plush I got from a shop at a gas stationLeopardunknownGas Station
A big leopard I won years ago at a fair. It's a typical cheap no name brand.LeopardunknownFun Fair
Small standing plush, with short, curly furSnow LeopardunknownDealers Den
Big snow leopard mother with cub (found at ebay)Snow Leopardunknownebay
Sitting snow leopard I found at a gas station shopSnow LeopardunknownGas Station
Some more snow leopards without brand or name.Snow Leopardunknownebay
A wonderful grey snowleopard with her cub. I just love those colors and the look :)Snow LeopardunknownKarstadt
Large snowleopard from a fair years ago. His eyes glow and he makes a terrible sound when you touch his head.Snow LeopardunknownFun Fair
Small plushie - Some very small plushie. I bought it at Further Confusion.Snow LeopardunknownDealers Den
Small plushie - Mini snow leopard I found at a convention (dealers den)Snow LeopardunknownDealers Den
Small plushie - Mini snow leopardSnow LeopardunknownDealers Den
Small plushie - Mini snow leopard beanieSnow LeopardunknownDealers Den
Large panther I owned once, I donated him for charityPantherunknownStore
Large fluffy husky dog I got from a toy store (ca. 70cm long including tail)HuskyunknownKarstadt
Lying fox plushie with small ears from Kaufhof (big shopping center)Red FoxunknownKaufhof
Large tiger from a store in Munich I owned once, I donated him for charityTigerunknownStore
Similar look as Sapur, but smaller versionTigerunknownGas Station
A real special plushie - an African wild dog from zoo shop in Munich. It is a limited edition (#941), the money is used for a wild dog project our zoo takes part in.African Wild DogunknownZoo Shop
White sitting male lion, got him from ebay.White Lionunknownebay
Male lion I gave away as a gift. He was from a local toy store in LoreleyLionunknownToy Store
Lioness Mom with cubs (in her belly), from a local shoe store (Deichmann)LionunknownStore
Very blond lion from ebay (without any tag)Lionunknownebay
Cream coloured lionessLionunknownToy Store
And of course - beanies, here are two of themLionunknownebay
Big big young Simba from Paris 32''LionunknownParis
Young Simba from "Disney on Ice"LionunknownDisney on Ice
Small cute young Simba from ParisLionunknownParis
No, I did not cut the head of a plushie! It's a little bag in size of Simba's head.Lionunknownebay
Young Kiara from "Disney on Ice"LionunknownDisney on Ice
Brown Lionss / Cougar CubCougarunknownKarstadt
Australian Cattle Dog I found at a gas station shop in Australia (unfortunately no brand info on tag)Australian Cattle DogunknownGas Station
An adorable plush of Norbert from The Angry Beavers (Die Biber Brüder), original by Nickelodeon.BeaverViacom Internationalebay