My Plush Animal Collection - WWF / Anna Club Plush
The WWF collection was created by Anna Club Plush.

 Photo Description Species Brand Bought

Very big realistic lioness from WWF (about 1m long)LionWWF / Anna ClubAnna Club Plush
Super soft lying lioness size I (big version)LionWWF / Anna ClubZoo Shop
Moro's lioness cub (biggest, size 3 of 3)LionWWF / Anna ClubAnna Club Plush
Moro's 2nd lion cub, very small (smallest, size 1 of 3)LionWWF / Anna ClubAnna Club Plush
Fluffy big lion, from ebayLionWWF / Anna Clubebay
My cutest grey fluffy polar fox, ordered at Anna Club Plush.Polar FoxWWF / Anna ClubAnna Club Plush
And the white polar fox belonging to the grey one, ordered at Anna Club Plush.Polar FoxWWF / Anna ClubAnna Club Plush
A really wonderful hyper soft and fluffy wolf, big size: 60 cm.WolfWWF / Anna Clubebay
Cute young baby wolf (son of Arwen)WolfWWF / Anna Clubebay
The biggest of the three WWF cheetah cubsCheetahWWF / Anna ClubToy Store
New snow leopard cub series (big ears) from WWF / Anna Club Plush.Snow LeopardWWF / Anna Clubebay
Beautiful husky plush by WWF / Anna Club Plush (ebay).HuskyWWF / Anna Clubebay
Medium snow leopard, probably also classic WWFSnow LeopardWWF / Anna Clubebay
Large WWF snow leopard (brown eyes), seems to be an older series. The big brother of the smaller version.Snow LeopardWWF / Anna Clubebay
The smaller version of the WWF snow leopards (brown eyes)Snow LeopardWWF / Anna Clubebay
Small plushie - Very tiny WWF plushie (new series / Anna Club Plush)Snow LeopardWWF / Anna ClubToy Store
Little white WWF fox cub from a toy store in Vienna. Now the family is complete.Polar FoxWWF / Anna ClubZoo Shop